Software That Keeps Up with Church Tithes

As a leader of a church, if you have a large congregation, you should have a system in place where you can calculate the number of tithes you receive on a weekly basis. Doing it manually is not the best idea. All sorts of issues could arise that can make for a big accounting nightmare. You need to find good software that will help you with the upkeep of the church finances and will take all the stress out of making sure there is documented accuracy.

What Type Of Software Should I Use

Software is available to help with managing certain church functions, however, you might want to go with something that offers a bit more in-depth package. You need a church management system. This an accounting platform that help saves time, so church leaders can get back to taking care of their ministries. Some of them are a bit more comprehensive than others, but they can help keep things right on track. While each management system is different, there are some functions that they have in common that you may or may not need. One such feature is child check-in. If you have a small congregation, keeping up with children is pretty easy. You know each one individually.

However, for large congregations that is virtually impossible. Parents can enroll their child into children’s church and have them in the system for their safety. This gives you, the pastor, and the parent peace of mind that no one will be able to snatch a child out of the service without your knowledge. Mega churches have no way of controlling who comes in and out of their doors, so this feature is essential. Another function that is helpful is and happens to be the real reason for getting it is contributions. This is the tithe money that members pay from their paychecks to the church. Having this system in place for that help to keep the church accountable to where cent of the money is going. You can send out monthly letters showing each church member what they contributed and what is in the church fund accounts overall as a result of their giving.

How Do I Get One Of These Packages?

Getting your hands on one of these management systems and setting it up is easy. If you are tech savvy, you will have your software up and running in hours instead of days. Because of what this type of software offers, it is best to get it up quickly. As far as the price, some companies only charge based on the church attendance while others charge based on the number of members. So, it would be good to know firsthand which charging method is going to work best.

Doing things manually can work well for a small church. Big churches need to manage their systems in an effort to keep things going smoothly. Either way, having the best management system really does help.