Types of Tow Trucks and Reputable Companies

If you are using one car for many years to go to work on any other place, there is a big chance you will have occasion issues like changing tires, oil or replacing a certain part. The vehicle that doesn’t break down doesn’t exist so we need to count in the expenses that come with it. At least once in your lifetime, you will need a towing service. You’ll never know when a City Tow Truck will be of a huge help but it mostly happens when you are in a hurry.

Accidents don’t have to be the only reason we would need this service, some minor issues can also delay our trips like dead batteries or a flat tire. Some companies don’t operate with a wide variety of vehicles so you would need to know who you can call. They need to have the right equipment if you want everything to go properly without any damages.

When Do You Need To Call Them?

No one wants to get through these situations but we need to be prepared when it happens. It can be scary and frustrating but knowing who to call and what to do is crucial. The first thing is to get the car off the road and turn on your hazard lights. Refuse any help from bystanders because you will call for professional help.

Most of us don’t know too much about mechanics and what can be the main issue of breakdown. When you did everything you can and your vehicle still doesn’t start, it is time to call a towing company. You can’t be sure what the main cause is so it’s better to make your move right away. Running out of gas is a very common problem because people are in a hurry and just forget to fill it up or they miscalculate when on a road trip. Read more about it here: https://www.onefide.com/when-to-call-a-towing-company/

The last two reasons why you would call them are accidents and flat tires. Many people still don’t know to change them so they end up paying for it. You can always ask someone to do it for you and then check if that is the only problem. Accidents are the worst-case scenario where they need to take your car to a repair shop and get an estimate on damages.

Flatbed Trucks

The most common trucks that you will see on the road are flatbed because of their efficiency. Its backside can tilt so the car can be driven or pulled by chains on the truck. After placing it on top, it will be hooked by chains or ropes to make it stay still and secure. There are a few types you can find, some of them will be closed off for more protection.

You will always use it in case of an accident because other methods are less reliable and something else may fall apart during the trip. If you have an expensive, low vehicle, you may experience difficulties getting it on top of the flatbed. That is why it’s important to call someone experienced that worked on many models. With the right operator and equipment, anything is possible.

Hook and Chain and Wheel Lift Trucks

These types of trucks are mostly seen outside of the city where you don’t have big companies for transportation so smaller businesses took the opportunity to work with locals. They can cause some damage to your tires or other parts so it isn’t an option you would like to go with. It happens that chains cause damage to bumpers and its only advantage is that it’s smaller and can fit into tight spaces.

Wheel lift is similar to hood and chain but the difference is that it uses a device that lifts rear or front tires of the vehicle dragging it to the location. They have a hydraulic lift placed on the back of the truck which can be added separately. It’s inconvenient for cars that have been in an accident and can cause potential damage to the tires.

What to Do Before Calling Towing Service?

If you were in an accident, the first thing you would want to do is take pictures. This will be very important for your insurance company because they need evidence in order to cover the damage. They will also take pictures but you need them also because of safety. With this evidence, you can call the company if additional damage is made while transportation.

Calling your insurance to check if it will cover the cost is the next step that people usually forget. You should do this before contacting the towing firm. They might also work with some firms so they will make the call immediately. If they don’t make a call, you would like to take an estimate before they send out a dolly. It will differ from company to company so find a reputable one that will have a moderate pricing. Read more on this website.

Another thing you would want to know is what method they will use and which type of truck for your vehicle. Always look for a flatbed because they are more secure. The only thing you will do after the service is keeping the receipts so you can provide them to the insurance company if they request it.

How to Find a Great Company?

Most of these companies are just waiting for the call to get on the field and do their job. The competition is tough and everyone is fighting for their spot. You will probably see an advertisement or it will pop out if you search on Google. The best option would be for your insurance agency to make a call but that doesn’t happen always.

Another option would be to do online research and check what is the best-rated firm in the area. You would want to find one that is closest to you and has satisfied customers. You probably won’t have too much time to search so pick those on top of the list if it isn’t an advertisement.