How to start a company in Malta?

As we all know, Malta is a country which is present between Africa and Europe in the Mediterranean region. Around 4 lakhs people live in the country which has a rich cultural heritage. What we do not know is that Malta is a great country to open a company. In this article, we have mentioned the reason why you should open a company in Malta.

Only limited liability

For a person who is looking forward to beginning a business in the country of Malta, the most important thing they need to know is that the steps are very much simpler. So, if at all the things go downhill you can easily manage to recover from the ill effects and lawsuits.

Ease of preparing registration document

For your company to begin you must need association articles and the memorandum draft. These can be easily prepared and made with a help of an expert and get the authority from the government of Malta is the only things remaining.

Minimum share capital is a must

In the association article and the memorandum, you need to mention the right amount. That particular amount must be correct and is considered to be your company’s capital. The designated minimum amount is around 1200 Euros. Also, this amount must be invested in Malta or must be deposited in the bank account within the region.

Registration Procedure

After all the documentation work you need to register your company in the Malta Business registry. This department sees to the companies that are operating in the region of Malta. To obtain the registration certificate you need to pay an initial amount of registration fee which is a mandatory one for every individual who wants to register their company in Malta. With the MBR you can find all the details of the fee and the steps of the process to be followed.