New tramways for 2020:

Tramways are expanding for the year 2020 and there are 11 new cities that are inaugurating the first lines of transit. 2019 and the early part of 2020 has faced a series of delays where countries like Australia have failed to meet their opening targets and their budgets for a series of lines that are running on day one.

The latest listings for 2019 includes the launch of lines in France, Australia, Canada, China, Ecuador, Mauritius and the Netherlands.

With large scale launches of new transit systems across Ecuador, the early launch of this system is only being treated as a soft opening. The new standard line is set to link with Sur and carry a series of new technology to manage city traffic concerns. The framework for expansion on this line is taking place over a multiyear subsidiary.

2019 has not seen any type of significant closure in the tramway industry, only temporary renovations. With 12 new tramways that could open up in the year 2020, there are exciting developments that are happening worldwide creating jobs and opportunities in the manufacturing industry.

As well as new lines launching in 2020, there’s also a series of Tramway extensions with over 400 existing systems worldwide set for expansion or modernization. Europe started in the year 2019 and has since begun revolutionizing nearly every one of its lines. Manchester Metrolink is working on modernizing almost all of its lines and it is eying Blackpool for a potential extension. Sydney Australia is also extending the Southeast light rail line and the Japanese port city of Toyama is working at establishing a link between the port from the light rail system.

Bordeaux is completing a line of  Tramway across a 3.5 mile section of Bouscat and a new line is opening in February.

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