How Long Does It Take to Remodel a Bathroom?

You might be thinking how much time takes to renovate your bathroom? It takes about 2-3 weeks for the complete renovation of the same as per the professionals. However, if you start from scratch, it generally takes a long time, between 6 weeks to about three months, for the planning, operations, installation, and wrapping up the loose ends. If you are then planning to move the plumbing or the electrical connections, you should be prepared for the board approvals or government permissions which are the biggest culprits for any renovation project. Here are some of the points or steps that will provide you an idea of how long it takes for a bathroom renovation.

  1. Check Closely The Property

This step takes about 1-3 months, depending upon how much renovation you want to make. The experts close on the property before they start planning for the renovation. You should wait until you have closed on the property, having keys in your hand before you have started doing anything in brief. Here, you will get an idea regarding what type of renovation you need to do.

  1. Post The Project

Now, post the renovation project and start soliciting the bids. When you are posting to bid on the property, add details about the space that you want to renovate and put some inspirational photos and other information to help you find the right contractor. It is practical data regarding the type of information you want to supply to the contractor to provide accurate bidding. You will immediately start getting 3-5 matches in the next three days, and then you can check the contractor’s profile online. Now, the duty is to check the clients’ reviews and their work photos to get an idea regarding what type of work they generally do.

  1. Solicit Bids And Choose The Contractor 

These two steps take about the next 3-5 weeks. After you find some potential bidders or contractors, you should make a scheduled visit and then solicit bids. You can also call the contractor for an on-site visit to understand the scope of the project, check-up the physical possibilities, and limit the space. After you get the written bids, you must compare and contrast with several contractors. After comparing and discussing your budget with the contractor, you will pick the best one for offering the bathroom remodeling service.

  1. Signing The Contract, Source Materials, And Inform The Neighbors

After you choose the contractor, you should sign the contract with the professional and make the final agreement. The next step is to source the materials from a reputed builder who can help you save some money. After everything gets finalized, you have to inform the neighbors regarding the bathroom renovation task that you will start soon. Do not forget to obtain all the permits from the governmental bodies. These steps take overall about 1-2 weeks.

  1. Making A Demo Plan And Rerouting The Plumbing And Electrical

These overall two steps happen in between 1-3 days. The plan that you have on paper, you have to do it practically now. The contractor will now practically measure the place where you want to do the renovation. He will reroute the plumbing and the electrical lines. Rerouting the electrical and plumbing lines requires lots of hard work and measurements. It should also be done carefully. Now, you should go for the city inspections, which might take 1-2 days. You have to show the plan to the expert and the government officers who will provide the permits.

  1. Installation Of Floor Tiles, Fixtures And Clean Up

The entire process of installing the floor tiles, fixtures like vanity and sink, built-in shelving, tub, and other tiles, lighting, and hardware generally takes about 1-3 days as a whole. Depending upon how much the renovation you want to make and how many professionals are involved, the time can extend. After doing all sorts of installations, the time is for cleaning up space. This generally takes about 1 or 1 and half days.


  1. Final Checking Of The Contractor And The Payment

This overall takes 1-3 days. The contractor will first review the work he has done, and then you must check all the installations and fixtures properly. The expert will also see whether something is missing or not. After the review is done, the final payment is made.

Bathroom remodeling service takes much time, and it should be done with great care and knowledge. You should always hire an expert having several years of experience.