How to remove smoke odor?

A large number of fire incidents occur at homes and work places and commercial fire damage restoration sector decide to offer services to the fire damaged communities.

After fires incident, water, smoke and soot damage occurs and follows the fire damage to the properties. These additional damages add to the tension, restoration expenses, efforts and time for a property owner. The restoration process after fire is based on:

Assessment of fire damaged property

Removal and cleanup of debris and damaged contents

Smoke odor, soot and water residual mitigation

After the arrival of fire and smoke damage restoration team, main step is to make inspection and determine the cause of fire. This step should be done quickly so that they could start the removal and restoration after fire.

After a fire incident, the main focus of damage restoration professionals is to completely eliminate the smoke odors which can become persistent if not treated ruthlessly. Smoke and soot is produced in the result of burning of a variety of materials in fire. Smoke and soot contain carbon and other harmful chemicals and its restoration require immediate action for the removal and detailed cleaning of smoke and soot from the interior and exterior structure of fire damaged property.

Smoke odor is an unpleasant smell which lingers in environment of building and absorbs into structure, furniture, carpets, clothes and all other contents present there. The smoke damage restoration professionals use high quality and powerful machines such as air scrubbers to remove every traces of smoke odor and clean and clear the air of particulates. High powered air movers and dehumidifiers eliminate the odor and mitigate the water and moisture residues.

The smoke penetrates into the contents of fire damaged property and need to remove from area. The more time removal of smoke damage takes, odors interact with different surfaces making it difficult to get rid of. Charred and fire damaged things like furniture, carpets, clothes, electrical appliances and ever thing present need to be evacuated from fire damaged area for restoration or disposing off. Removal of these contents and debris helps in minimizing the intensity of these odors. Airborne microscopic dust particles too add to the odor.

The soot and water residues also contribute to smoke odors and they must be treated too. Soot is black, carbon in powder form after fire incidents. Layers of soot particles with moisture cover most of the fire damaged area and contents badly and become persistent if not dealt immediately. Soot particles absorb into porous material and discolor paint, granite, tiles, grout and other unburned material made of wood, plastic and textile.

Quick removal and cleaning of soot particles can reduce the chances of permanent discoloration of interior portion and reduce the expenses of replacements. Industrial vacuums are used to remove the black layers of soot particles after fire.

Restoration Pros is an experienced water and fire damage restoration service, which deals with the complete removal and cleanup of water, smoke and soot residues to provide you healthy and clean quality air. This not just important for your health but also to maintain the beauty and safety of your properties.