Return Gifts and Gift Bag Ideas for Baby Shower 

Nothing can be happier than having a baby on the way. This small celebration of having a baby shower makes the parent share their part of happiness with everyone. So, thanking each one of them with a small token of appreciation can be a special way to spread love and get blessings for your baby.

So, here is a list of gift ideas for this special occasion:

  1. What can be better than sending home your guests with their favorite chocolates packed in goodie bags? This can be the best way to say thank you to all your guests as chocolates are everyone’s favorite. If you get an option to select chocolates and combine them with small tote bags then nothing can look better than this. You can make prints on these bags as per your choice with small pictures or lovely quotes. For such occasions, we have Custom Earth Promos that can work out the best promotional Reusable Bags for you.
  2. You can also make it eco-friendly by using jute bags as your return gifts. This can also show your love for nature. These jute bags are made from 100% fibers and you can add some items like scented candles, small body scrubs packed in these jute bags, just to make it look good and environment friendly.
  3. Another gift option would be a lunch bag cooler. These are the best options especially for your friends with whom you go for a vacation together. You can add some of their favorite junk foods or drinks, which can look more personalized.
  4. Add a rustic bag to your baby shower. This can be added with lavender bath salts, some scented candles, or some yummy candies. Give it a personal touch by adding a thank you card made by you.
  5. Another elegant way to gift someone is by using a canvas bag filled with mini-champagne or other alcoholic beverages. This can be one unique way to show your thankfulness to your loved ones.
  6. Just a simple one would be a personalized mug with a cute message for everyone. You can also add some favorite chocolate kisses for people who love it or some sweets or candies
  7. To make it look more like a baby ceremony, one good option would be to create rattle shaped marshmallows with some colored sprinkles on them. you can make it attractive by tying a ribbon around it. The colors you choose can be pink and blue.

There are overall more than 100 gift ideas that can make your ceremony look unique and different from another baby ceremony. Some are like mini flower-shaped cupcakes, baby carriage shaped cookies, heart-shaped cookies, etc. So, you can choose what looks good for you. You can also make mini goodies bags with mini cookies or micro-bags. This can also be affordable and would look perfect for baby ceremony.

So, hope we have covered enough ideas for your baby shower gifts so you can plan accordingly for the perfect gift for perfect occasion.