How to Best Shield Your Air Conditioner

Everyone has it in the backyard – that large, exterior, air conditioning unit. It was never in your landscaping plans, or was it? Of course not. Statistically, your home’s exterior look increases the chances of a quick resale. If your lawn looks great, with beautifully planted trees and an amazing garden, then most people would like it. However, the air conditioning unit might turn an awesome-looking garden into something different. It is mostly white which makes it even harder to miss. What can you about this? Don’t sweat it! You can easily disguise, protect or redirect people’s attention from your air conditioning unit. It doesn’t have to be conspicuous. Manufacturers haven’t yet come up with a way to make their units attractive, so it is upon you to take the next step to camouflage it.

Apply the Right Fence Around the Unit

A good fence is a perfect solution for protecting your air conditioner. With the perfect one, you can keep intruders and pets out, and still achieve a great appearance. The main intention here is to redirect the attention away from the air conditioning unit, and its human nature to lose concentration on a fence. After all, there’s nothing of importance beyond. Since your air conditioner needs proper ventilation, utilize lattice-style or open-slat design. The distance between the fence and air conditioner needs to be at least three feet away.

Grow Some Vegetation Around the Unit

If you possess a garden that is close to a botanical garden, then setting up a natural fence might not look natural. It might be totally out of sync with the surrounding vegetation. An air conditioner barrier that you can apply here is via planting some tall-growing plants. Ensure that you don’t place it too close to the air conditioner unit as you might block air flow. Also, the plants will ordinarily shed some different debris that might clog your air conditioner. Once you settle on camouflaging with some vegetation, ensure that you perform routine pruning every spring or summer. This will keep your clogs to a minimum and still keep your air conditioner safe and concealed.

Create a Dedicated Structure for the Air Conditioner

As you build the dedicated structure, keep the ventilation space in mind. You don’t desire your air conditioning unit to malfunction or perform poorly due to concealing efforts. The dedicated shading can be located at the ultimate spot that you can even create more space to store other things like the lawnmower, hose, pool supplies, and other stuff. You can also come up with a full-equipment shed that can house your unit and whatever garden tools that you need. However, don’t forget to allow enough space for ventilation of the air conditioner.

How About a Backyard Redesign? 

It’s a costly affair, but if you were to perform a garden makeover, why not include some exclusive designs of utility spaces that are concealed from view? Optimizing for some garden storage is quite easy, and it is going to look amazing with your landscape design.

Landscapers will tell you that the main idea behind a beautiful garden whereby you have a large air conditioner unit is to direct the viewer’s eye to a beautiful view. If you perform the activity correctly, you won’t even notice that the air conditioner is there.